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Picwiser.com Terms and Conditions

Picwiser.com is administered by Biomatching Systems Sp. z o.o. based in Krakow, Poland. Your use of the Picwiser.com website implies that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions, subject to occasional changes. Terms:

‘User’ – a person using Picwiser.com

‘Picwiser.com’ (or ‘Picwiser.com website’) – a set of websites under the domain named Picwiser.com, making up the Picwiser.com website, posted on the home page of Picwiser.com and operating as a search engine and an image comparison facility.

Picwiser.com is a tool that facilitates the browse of user-published pictures and information. Results of your Picwiser.com searches do not constitute a part of the content published by Picwiser.com or its Admin and shall not be construed as services or products offered by Picwiser.com. Picwiser.com shall assume no liability for the content of search results. Individual users and companies shall be the owners of the content and images they add to Picwiser.com or shall declare, by way of accepting the Terms and Conditions, that they can lawfully use them. All trademarks, names of websites and products appear in Picwiser.com search results only for information purposes and for the purpose of promoting their owners, i.e. relevant websites and manufacturers, etc.

The user shall not post content generally construed as offensive or pornographic.

While using Picwiser.com in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and generally applicable law, the user is in particular entitled to:
• Browse information and images included in Picwiser.com by means of Picwiser.com facilities;
• Post links to Picwiser.com’s home page on other websites or discussion forums and disseminate links to Picwiser.com’s home page on the Internet in any other way (e.g. by e-mail or using instant messengers).

You can use Picwiser.com only after accepting the Terms and Conditions. The fact that you use Picwiser.com implies that you have read, accepted and agreed to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

You can do a trial number of free searches using Picwiser.com. In order to fully enjoy Picwiser.com without limitations, though, you need to create a Picwiser.com account and make a payment with fast on-line or text message payment services.
If you want to use Picwiser.com as a commercial entity and post your base of product images, create a commercial account and make a relevant corporate payment.

The Picwiser.com Admin hereby declares that they shall make every effort to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Picwiser.com and the highest quality of Picwiser.com services, yet, in the light of the free-of-charge nature of Picwiser.com, they reserve a right to put Picwiser.com’s accessibility on hold on a temporary basis should the need arise to provide any repairs or maintenance works on the systems providing Picwiser.com or in the event of modernisation or redevelopment of those systems.
Where a pause in operation or temporary inaccessibility to Picwiser.com might be foreseen, if it is possible and justified, the Picwiser.com Admin shall notify users about such events in advance by posting a relevant message on the Picwiser.com’s homepage.
If you do not agree to any of the above terms, you may not use Picwiser.com

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