0.9 Beta Version
Let others find you or your products by using meaning of images with Picwiser.

About Picwiser

Text-based inquires are very natural and common. We want to propose an alternative way of searching the Internet content in the form of graphic search engine presenting results on the basis of graphic input. Now you can easily check the presence of an object in your picture also in other photos or its popularity in the Internet. It is very simple. Just paste the link to our graphic search engine or upload the graphic file and you will get the results with the links to websites where the picture or its equivalents can be found as soon as the engine searches the database.
By using very complicated algorithms and filters, the system quickly “learns” what it “sees” in your picture and compares it with the resources of our system. The results are displayed according to the degree of conformity of the searched picture to the original, therefore you usually get the list of results with the links to websites where similar objects could be found.
You can check whether your pictures are used in an unauthorised way or what figure or object is in the picture, if you are not sure.
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