0.9 Beta Version
Let others find you or your products by using meaning of images with Picwiser.

Welcome to Picwiser - a new place for searching and matching pictures!

Operation of the Pcwiser.com application can best be presented by means of some simple descriptions.The examples of use and application of the Picwiser technology are described below.

Example for individual user:

1. The user has participated in a conference from which he received a group photo. He needs to contact 3 persons he knows only by sight, as he does not know the names of any people in the photo.
2. To solve that problem, the user uploads the photo in the PICWiser.com search engine and tags the faces of people he wants to identify.
3. The engine searches our base and matches the faces with the profiles found.
4. The search engine informs the user that the data of the people in the photo have been found.
5. To view the results instantly, the user has to make an electronic payment via wire transfer or SMS. The payment is passed automatically.
6. If the user wants to see the results free of charge, he needs to create a free account in the search engine (sign in). As an account holder, he will get the limit of free search instances.
7. By signing in, the user provides the company with his email address onto which he may receive commercial information or invitations to use paid options of the search engine. Search options are not limited only to faces - you may search for any objects.

Example for cmpanies

- Photographic agencies selling copyrights to photos can search Internet websites for unauthorised use of their photos.
- Law enforcement agencies can search the Internet for wanted persons on the basis of their photos.
- Creative agencies can search the Internet for photos that look similar to a given design.

Mobile phone user

In the mobile phone application the user takes a photo of e.g. an object or building and the application looks for that photo in the Piciser database, gathering additional information. When the photo of e.g. the Eiffel Tower is taken, the application “recognises” the object and provides the link to the Internet website related to that monument, as well as some basic information, such as e.g. opening hours and ticket prices. The ways of using the application are limitless
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