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Let others find you or your products by using meaning of images with Picwiser.

About us

The Biomacthing Systems Sp. z o. o. is a modern, technology-based company established with a clear objective in mind - to create a search engine that would allow the users to search for interesting content and information by means of images.

Setting that objective led to the idea of creating the PICWiser.com system as a result of observing tendencies in the Internet search sector to fill the gap for this kind of services. We aim to develop a graphic search engine that would set new standards in the information search by introducing the concept of searching on the basis of graphic input instead of text input.

A basic function is searching the Internet or other databases by graphic entries (images) in order to find similar or identical objects or related information.

It is a unique search engine designed to recognise similar or identical images on the basis of a loaded graphic (photograph or graphic in e.g. JPG format). The system operates using innovative, leading technology which presents the results by identifying objects in the uploaded image instead of identifying words. Thus, a 'graphic' inquiry makes the graphic search engine create a unique matrix of the analysed picture and start comparing it with all available images.

The search engine features various search precision filters, which ensures finding the picture on various similarity levels in relation to the one set in the search. In PICWiser, the user can also search for the fragment of the picture. If the searched picture turns out to be partly modified in a graphic programme or has been edited otherwise, the search engine will find it despite the changes that had been introduced.

This innovative technology allows the user to find identical picture as the one entered in the search and to immediately learn more about it by pointing to the sources and websites it can be found in.

The PICWiser graphic search engine is the technology addressed to business and individual users around the world.

By implementing PICWiser, we would like to develop different options and functions that would set entirely new standards of the information search - instead of text search, they would favour search on the basis of graphic input, which could bring interesting e-commerce applications and methods of gathering information.

None of the search engines available now on the market allows the user to e.g. find personal data of a person on the basis of a photo alone. Neither is it possible to search the Internet photo databases for similar objects in the photos.

The PICWiser.com project fills the gap on the market and offers the modern IT SaaS (software as a service) solution.

Thanks to the PICWiser.com application, each company, institution or private person will be able to easily search the Internet on the basis of graphic entries and find necessary information, demand the price or identify an object.

This type of a solution will provide a new searching way to all Internet users around the globe. As images make an integral part of our lives, using them next to words can become a significant means of gaining knowledge.

We wish to provide a serious alternative to the text-based information search which has so far been the only way of asking questions.
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