0.9 Beta Version
Let others find you or your products by using meaning of images with Picwiser.

We would like to present new options of searching interesting information in the Internet.!

We offer a unique image search engine based on complicated algorithms.You
can easly find similar graphic or graphics, using Picwiser on your mobile
device or directly on our website.
Use our Chrome plugin browser and mouse right button just to click on any image or photo to paste automaticly it's url address and paste it on Picwiser. The picture matching appears fast and you can
see the best results. Enjoy!


If your search result is not satisfying enough, please let us know by using "Report" function in every search item. It would be usuful for us to improve our search engine.

Here are some utilities of our Picwiser system:

1. Using Picwiser by the individuals.

The Picwiser.com site contains a search form similar to the one in traditional search engines (e.g. Google). Instead of the box with text search, the engine features an image upload option for a search and comparison with other images. Based on the comparison, the results are presented with reference to the original image. You can use the Picwiser several simple search for free. Enjoy!

2. Picwiser for companies and institutions

The company-oriented features has to be paid for, yet it offers many interesting options, such as e.g. possibility of uploading many photos/images presenting your company products. For that purpose the company or institution needs to download software that will index images/photos in the local hard drive and will allow to compare them with pictures stored in other database, on the basis of set criteria.
As a company, using our smart upload plugin also gives you posibility of uploading many products at the same time using either different url paths or might also be used for uploading pictures adding individual links for every picture.

3. Mobile application

Mostly intended for individual users. Having installed the application on their smartphones, the users get the possibility of making graphic inquiries in the search engine by photographing any objects. By using the engine as a mobile application, they can find the photographed object within a few seconds. Information about the object in the picture will come directly to their phone. In the next development step, the PICWiser system will design mobile applications that will be capable of getting more detailed information, such as e.g. product availability, price or nearest localisation, on the basis of provided photographs.

4. Picwiser access options

The Picwiser will give both individual users and institutions the option to buy the access to the Picwiser system. Different access forms are available, e.g. search number dependent access. Some access forms require creating an account, i.e. signing in the service, which can also be done on the Picwiser’s homepage.

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